Though geographically considered a small city, the power and influence of Pasadena extend far across the world.  This means that what happens here, is important to people everywhere.


Join "PASADENA POLITICS with Jason Hardin", and together, we will explore the intricate inner-workings of one of the most powerful places on the planet.  Hardin's personal take on discussing controversial social issues and analyzing local government will surely leave audiences as entertained as they are informed. 

After a devestating blow to a new and promising political career, former Pasadena  Senior Commissioner, Jason Hardin, opens up about the dangers of local politics, domestic violence, and why he created this show.

Pilot Episode

I'm Still Here



To understand the foundation of local government in Pasadena, California, you have to understand the single most important document in the city, our "City Charter".  In this episode, Hardin gives viewers a valuable crash course.

Episode 2

The City Charter

Jason Hardin


When it comes to tackling serious social issues in our great city, Steven Sneed, has found a way.  If you haven't seen, "PASADENA: Exploring Solutions To Reduce Gang Violence", you are missing a powerful lesson in the next generation of problem-solving. 

Episode 3

Exploring Solutions

Jason Hardin