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Small Design Sparks Big Things For Local Businesses and Organizations

Supermodel Tania Nelson get Made In Dena

Hardwear Apparel's new "MADE IN DENA" collection of fashionable t-shirts and sweats are taking the city by storm and sparking new life into anything "Dena". The phrase, "Made in Dena", was coined by our very own, Jason Hardin, and said to bring awareness and special regonition to the magnificent people, organizations, and culture that make up the heart of Pasadena and Altadena, California.

Supermodel Tania Nelson get Made In Dena

Supermodel Tania Nelson get Made In Dena

Designed, assembled, and packaged right here in Pasadena, MADE IN DENA represents the spirit of the city as well as the spirit of entrepreneurship and sustainability. The brand seems to have also transcended cultural and age barriers and may be seen worn by anyone from clean cut city officials to hip high schoolers. Perhaps, MADE IN DENA just restores a bit of pride and trust some of us may have lost in our community. No matter the reason, this popular line of apparel is just getting started.

Supermodel sisters Talyn and Tania Nelson get Made In Dena makeover

As you can see, Hardin wasted no time getting two of the most adorable modeling sisters from Pasadena, Tania & Talyn Nelson, to sport the new "local" look. On top of just making really cool shirts, Hardin believes that each and every one of his creations must have a message and a purpose.

Supermodel sisters Talyn and Tania Nelson get Made In Dena

"The message behind MADE IN DENA is that those from Pasadena and Altadena will set a new standard for how things are done.", says Hardin, and "We will be known for quality and strength in all we do, because we will always strive for excellence with what we are and what we have to work with. We are Dena".

Hardin plans to continue to use his clothing line to sponsor worthy causes, raise funds for special projects, and educate others on the power of entrepreneurship. So, if you would like to get yourself some really cool gear as well as feel great about how it looks and where it came from, click here! #WeAreDENA #MadeInDena #HardwearApparel

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