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Community Ambassadors Program

Wear Your Pride, Share Your Voice: Embark on a Journey as a MADE IN DENA Community Ambassador.


Join the MADE IN DENA Movement - Become a Community Ambassador!

Are you passionate about Pasadena, Altadena, and South Pasadena? Do you love connecting with people, sharing stories, and creating content? If that's a resounding YES, then you're the perfect fit for the MADE IN DENA Community Ambassadors Program!

What Is the MADE IN DENA Community Ambassadors Program? It's a collective of driven, creative individuals who represent the heartbeat of our communities. As an Ambassador, you'll have the unique opportunity to:

  • Showcase the distinct culture and lifestyle of our beloved cities through your own lens.

  • Engage with local events and businesses, sharing your experiences and driving our communal spirit.

  • Create dynamic content that celebrates our roots, triumphs, and everyday moments that make DENA special.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Get Exclusive Access to the latest MADE IN DENA gear and events.

  • Expand Your Reach by leveraging MADE IN DENA's platforms to amplify your voice.

  • Make an Impact by contributing to the growth and vibrancy of our community.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Storytellers, creatives, social butterflies, community advocates – anyone who's got a genuine love for DENA and a knack for engaging content creation.

Ready to Represent? Applications open on March 1st! Fill out the application below and tell us why you'd make an amazing MADE IN DENA Community Ambassador.

🌹 Apply Now! 🌹

  • The application is your first step towards becoming a key player in the MADE IN DENA narrative.

  • Share your passion, your creativity, and your love for DENA – and get ready to make a difference.

Community Ambassador Application
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I understand that though there are no minimum requirements as an official MADE IN DENA Ambassador, I will be expected to create and share content that positively reflects and promotes the MADE IN DENA brand and community. I agree to engage in activities that support the brand’s mission and values, and to maintain a positive, professional online presence.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Abassadors Application
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