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THE MASK COMES OFF: Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo Shows True Colors In Response To Public Comments

A day after Halloween, Pasadena's mayor, Victor Gordo, went on a shameless rant in response to many public comments that were made during a regular city council meeting at Pasadena City Hall. After many members of the community used public comments as an opportunity to express their concerns and address council about the culture of criminal conduct and complete lack of accountability within our Pasadena Police Department, Gordo expressed that he was personally offended and went on to say that none of the callers from that meeting nor any other city council meeting represent our community.

"None of the speakers that you heard today or that we hear every week have the courage to stand up at Jackie Robinson Center and say to our community, our constituents, I'm going to speak for you...none of 'em"
"...I don't need these people coming and telling me that they speak for the people I represent"
Victor Gordo, Mayor of Pasadena

To say the least, many have been left outraged by the mayor's remarks, and for many different reasons. A lot of residents believe Gordo simply and insensitively dismissed each and every unfavorable public comment as, "Carolyn from Sierra Madre", and claiming they never "show up" outside of city council meetings. Some northwest Pasadena residents have expressed that the mayor absolutely overestimated and overvalued his "representation" of our community. Many even claim that his numerous years on council and lack of demand for accountability from our police department is a direct result of the large amounts of support and campaign contributions given to him by the Pasadena Police Officers Association. It's already a lesser known fact that Victor Gordo with field rep Vannia De La Cuba put the fix on the PPOA's endorsement process during the 2020 mayoral election and that the only reason the PPOA didn't endorse a mayoral candidate is because they got found out. Regardless, the PPOA still had its hand in on the mayoral election by endorsing Felicia Williams who then endorsed Victor Gordo.

"I don't know who he represents, but it's damn sure not us"
Pasadena Resident

One thing is for certain, and that is the fact that residents are finally starting to see the real man behind those many ads that got him elected. Though Gordo's embarrassing public outrage and attack on poor Carolyn may seem like a victory for those who doubted his agenda from jump, it's only evidence of how foolish we are as voters and how we have to really start waking up as a community and doing our own due diligence in choosing who best represents us.

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