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Pacific Oaks College Presents 2018 Social Justice Hero

It was a memorable evening at the Pacific Oaks College campus in Pasadena, on Friday, November 2nd. Besides the delicious food & drinks that were served and networking amongst some very active members in our community, the college honored its 2018 Social Justice Hero, Lesford Duncan. Mr. Duncan is the Cultural Compentency Officer for the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health.

In his acceptance speech, Duncan reflected on his childhood and some of the life experiences that led him to the valuable work he does.

Also honored, were 31 other nominees including influential local community leaders such as Steven Sneed (Filmmaker/Producer), Michael Bell (Principal, Focus Point Academy), Christy Zamani (Day One), and Jill Shook (Making Housing Happen).

Honorees Donald E Grant, Lesford Duncan, and Steven Sneed

Sponsoring the event were Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Total Education Solutions, Webster Kaplan Sprunger, and the YWCA. If you would like more information about Social Justice Heroes and how you can become more involved with Pacific Oaks College, call 800.820.2597.

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