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Dena's Iconic Director John Singleton Taken Off Life Support

Jason Hardin with John Singleton at Reed For Hope Foundation party

Family confirms that John Singleton, was taken off life support on Monday, April 29th, as a result of a stroke he suffered earlier this month on on April 17th.

John Singleton is a native to Pasadena, California. To the world, he is probably best known for the 1991 blockbuster hit, "Boyz N The Hood", starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Lawrence Fishburn, and Ice Cube. At just 24, the iconic film made Singleton the youngest and first African-American director to ever be nominated for "Best Picture" by the Academy Awards. Singleton has also directed works such as "Poetic Justice", "2 Fast 2 Furious", and "Baby Boy", just to name a few. It was also reported that that "Baby Boy" stars Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese Gibson have already visited Singleton in the hospital as he continues to fight for his life.

As a youngster growing up in Pasadena, John attended Blair High School and then Pasadena City College. He later transferred to USC where he graduated in 1990. In recent years, Singleton returned to Pasadena City College's ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of their new Center fir the Arts which includes the beautiful Westerbeck Hall.

The DENA Magazine's own publisher and C.E.O., Jason Hardin, had the pleasure and honor of meeting Singleton at Robi Reed's Sunshine Beyond Summer party at Jamie Foxx' house and had this to say about their encounter;

"I have so much respect for the man. Not only has he created visual masterpieces that are forever embedded in American culture, he grew up in the same neighborhood I did". Hardin continues, "When I saw him at Robi Reed's party, I told my publicist, Linda Jones, that John's from Dena, so I had to meet him. After a brief introduction, we had a great conversation. Though he was already a big-time Hollywood directer and I was still a rookie publisher, he was nothing but respectful and encouraging, and I'll never forget that. I truly hope he pulls through"

We give our love and condolences to all his loved ones during this difficult time. His legacy will live on forever through his many artistic and powerful productions.

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