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"Dena Day 626" A Major Success

With Pasadena, Altadena, and South Pasadena's area code being (626), the date June 26th (or 6/26) has taken on a whole new meaning in the San Gabriel Valley. For the 2nd year in a row, Hood Liberation and Pasadena CLSC., hosted the official "DENA DAY 626" event in Altadena, California. The event featured over 40+ vendors, 2 DJs, carnival games, delicious food, and community entertainment that attracted hundreds of neighbors and visitors to come out and celebrate the areas newest self-proclaimed holiday.

From a community standpoint, this entirely youth-organized event was an absolute success! Utilizing the field of Loma Alta Park, the event made use of the entire space with several local vendors, inflatable games, food trucks, tented eating area, and a stage. There were also several contests and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Above all else, for the 2nd consecutive year, Dena Day 626 was such a beautiful day of community fellowship, joy, and peace.

MADE IN DENA Pop up booth with Steven Sneed and Jason Hardin
MADE IN DENA Pop-Up at Dena Day 626 with Steven Sneed and Jason Hardin

From a vendor's perspective, the Dena Day 626 event could not have been more equipped or better organized. Honestly, some of the best products and businesses in our community don't have a storefront and may not get many opportunities to reach so many potential customers in a single day, so events like this are extremely important and highly appreciated. In addition to local artists and businesses being able to offer their wares to the community, the service by the staff was impeccable. Led by one of the Founding Board Members of Hood Liberation, Breannah Gamble, volunteers provided tables, chairs, and waters at no charge and were extremely attentive throughout the day. MADE IN DENA will definitely continue to support this event and the efforts of Hood Liberation and Pasadena CLSC.

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