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Dena Domino Champion Crowned

To kick off the summer of 2022, MADE IN DENA sponsored its very first "Cutthroat" domino tournament hosted at their facility in Pasadena, California. The objective was to promote peace and fellowship in the community while facilitating the dying art of slapping bones and talkin' sh*t.

A crisp $100 cash prize was enough to get over a couple dozen folks, men & women, to show up from as far as the Antelope Valley to take part in a fun-filled day of 90s hip-hop, finger-food, IPAs, cocktails, and of course, dominoes.

In attendance to witness and share the event with the greater domino community, was Instagram influencer, the Los Angeles @nationaldominoassociation. The Grand Prize Winner of the event was Pasadena native, Andre Douge. Douge's storybook finish included remaining winless throughout the tournament's first two rounds and being the last seed in the semifinals. Also making it to the final table was another Dena native, Deborah Lewis, and H.D., from Los Angeles.

Following the tournament, a handful of guests decided to raise the stakes and play head-up games for $100 each. One guest (also a Pasadena native) walked away with over $500 in total winnings.

What was learned is that though the game of Dominoes has lost some popularity due to cultural changes such as less big family functions and cell phones that keeps youngsters in a world of their own, there are still many die-hard dominologists that can't wait for any opportunity test their skills and talk their crap. Let's face it. The days of young boys and girls waiting for the chance to "slap bones" at the adults table are quickly disappearing, but they're not gone yet.

If you are interested in participating in or sponsoring the next MADE IN DENA Domino Tournament, let us know by sending an email to, or call/text Jason Hardin, directly at (636) 336-2624. Together, we can make the next one even bigger and better!

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