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Teaching The Community To Fish With Fashion

(from right to left) Terrence, Mya, Bre, Shirley, and Marques show off their creations at the first ever MADE IN DENA Sip & Print event in PAsadena, CA.
(from right to left) Terrence, Mya, Bre, Shirley, and Marques show off their new creations at the first ever MADE IN DENA "Sip & Print" event in Pasadena, CA.

It's been said that if you give someone a fish, they can eat for a day. However, if you teach them how to fish, then they'll eat for a lifetime. Well, MADE IN DENA is on a mission to help others, young & old, eat for a lifetime by providing no-cost and low-cost workshops and classes that teaches how to create a lucrative business in the apparel industry.

Through their T-Shirt Workshops, "Sip & Print" events, and "Creating A Successful Clothing Line 101" course, MADE IN DENA is spreading the wealth and opportunities by helping others understand exactly what goes into generating an income through producing branded or custom apparel. Using a fun hands-on approach, MADE IN DENA Creator, Jason Hardin, along with business partner, Steven Sneed, share the basics as well as advanced techniques to designing, producing, marketing, and selling all kinds of apparel, including t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jerseys, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, and so much more.

Participants in their various educational projects get valuable lessons on the different methods of production and hands-on experience working with vinyl, vinyl cutters, plastisol, weeding tools, heat presses, and packaging materials. Participants of the in-depth course, "Creating A Successful Clothing Line 101", are introduced to design techniques, design software, website building, payment processing, social media marketing, advertising, vending, and some vital online resources.

Though many of these events are hosted at the official MADE IN DENA headquarters located in the northwest neighborhood of Pasadena, California, Sneed and Hardin have also brought their program and equipment directly to where it's needed most, such as to the hungry young minds at the Pasadena Boys & Girls Club.

In addition to their group educational projects, Hardin and Sneed have also taken on a number of young mentees who've shown a special interest in entrepreneurship and creating their own line of apparel. In addition to guidance counseling and basic life skills, these mentees are given comprehensive 1-on-1 instruction and access to all the information, materials, and equipment needed to get them started in creating their own successful brand. In a matter of just weeks, many of these youngsters have already gotten as far as purchasing equipment for themselves and selling their very own creations as vendors at popular events.

Rob, a local high school student and mentee of Steven Sneed, shows off his skills and original creation.
Rob, a local high school student and mentee of Steven Sneed, shows off his skills and original creation.

Those at MADE IN DENA make a constant effort to foster interest and cultivate raw talent not just in our community but in anyone that can access them through social media or through Hardin's own show, "LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast". Hardin and Sneed both grew up in Pasadena during the dangerous height of its gang culture in the early and mid 1990s, so they really understand the value of empowering others through mentorship, education, and entrepreneurship.

If you or someone you know might be interested in any of these programs, feel free to let these guys know by sending an email to You may also call/text Hardin directly at (213) 256-8948.


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